AstraZeneca HUB CEE recruitment

AstraZeneca HUB CEE recruitment

Clinical research is an important part in the process of discovering and developing new medicines at AstraZeneca. The company has an excellent scientific history and continues to invest in research on new drugs to the tune of over $4 billion a year with the aim of improving the health of patients around the world.

Astra Zeneca is currently expanding its Warsaw’s clinical operational hub and is looking for new team members to manage the global planning and delivery of clinical research. The Warsaw clinical operational is one of five such AstraZeneca units around the world - the others located in the United States, the UK, Sweden and China.

The Warsaw team is responsible for developing clinical study protocols and all the associated clinical research documentation, plus the management and preparation of information systems and development of data for clinical study reports. These reports are an essential part of the process for registering new drugs and therapies. The Polish team works with teams and researchers from countries participating in the clinical trials and with other global teams in the company.

The recruitment process is now underway and will continue until mid 2013. We are looking for candidates with expertise and experience in planning, conduct and management of clinical research, who wish to pursue a career in international projects for a global organisation.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate hands-on experience in clinical research and be fluent in both written and spoken English. Interested candidates are welcome to contact us for additional information in relation to the recruitment for the Warsaw hub:
Phone: (+4822) 445 37 71

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