DOCS, my client and me

I was attracted initially by the fact that DOCs was linked with ICON which I’d heard great things about in my time in the industry, it’s incredibly well respected. Before joining DOCS I wasn’t sure about how the relationship between “me” (the CRA), “the client” I’d be assigned to and “DOCS” the company I worked for would work. I was also a bit concerned about the number of clients or sponsors I’d be working with and whether I was going to be farmed out to different clients every week. I wanted to be able to form relationships so having lots of different sponsors didn’t appeal to me.

Since joining DOCS my worries have all been fully alleviated. I’ve only ever had one client and I do all my work with them. The really clever thing that DOCS does is allow the relationship between you and the client to start straight away.  There’s no question which company you work for and there’s never a sense of being a contractor or a temporary worker. I also appreciate the fact that DOCS do their best to ensure that work is regionalised if possible, to minimise travel, which is actually fairly unusual for a CRA. I’m based in Ortario, USA and almost all of my sites are within driving distance.

One of the things that works best for me is I only ever have one standard operating procedure and one study team at a time. This means that instead of rushing about trying to understand where I should be and, perhaps, not knowing everyone on the team I can actually concentrate on the job at hand. It’s also convenient because having just one client means I can keep track of who’s doing what within the business, so if people move roles I don’t waste time sending questions to the wrong person. In a clinical trial time is always of the essence so anything that allows me to be more efficient is a bonus.  The fact that I’m fully concentrated on one client undoubtedly has a positive effect on the quality of my work as my focus isn’t too thinly spread.

DOCS have also impressed me with their emphasis on long term client relationships. My client certainly recognises this and it is reflected in the fact that whenever a milestone is achieved everyone is congratulated including the DOCS team members. I feel 100% part of my clients business and I think this is down to the fact that DOCS doesn’t get in the way of the relationship between me and the client – they encourage it.

It pays off. A client recently signed a 5 year contract with DOCS, which is practically unheard of in this industry. This investment is a sign of the faith that the client has in DOCS and the quality of the people they source, a real compliment to the business. I’ve been working in clinical research for the last 10 years, now mainly as a CRA, and relationships are at the very heart of what I do. This means that I know when relationships are working well, and more importantly, I know the warning signs when they are breaking down and it’s clear to me that relationships are a very high priority for DOCS.

The quality of the companies we’re working with are incredible. I love the client I’ve been placed with, they’re working on some very exciting projects and are very busy, with new drugs on the market and in the pipeline. The careful hiring policy that DOCS employ means that clients know they’re going to be working with some of the best in the industry which also goes towards building further trust.

As a CRA I’ve found that working for DOCS has been incredibly positive. The high standard of the companies that they work with means that there are great connections to be made.

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