DOCS Shoots to Second

DOCS Shoots to Second-Largest Status in European Staffing

Staffing Industry Analysts presented ICON plc with a thoughtful gift to close out 2014: a second-place ranking in its latest report on the largest clinical and scientific staffing firms in Europe for DOCS, ICON's Strategic Resourcing and FSP service area. The SIA report, prepared by David Papapostolou, details the growth of DOCS over the past year from a seventh-place finish in 2013 to its current status.

The growth of DOCS surpasses that of the clinical/scientific market overall, which has expanded by 2.6% to sit at just under €1 billion. SIA predicts that expansion to continue throughout 2015, with a predicted across-the-board increase of 3.5% applied to the market as a whole. DOCS itself grew significantly compared to the previous year, which gave it claim to the second-most generous improvement year-over-over on the list of the top 20 staffing organisations.

DOCS was founded in 1997 and is ICON's Strategic Resourcing and FSP solutions division. Currently, DOCS operates in 38 countries.