Profile – Stephanie Boniecki, Director of Recruitment for the Americas

Stephanie discusses what brought her into the world of clinical research and what she enjoys about working for DOCS

What is your current role with DOCS?
As the Director of Recruitment for the Americas, I’m currently leading a team of 20 who recruit for positions across Canada, the US, Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, Peru, Brazil and Chile. This requires a deep understanding of the different cultures, processes and procedures in place, in each country. I no longer do any direct recruitment; however I have strong sense of responsibility to those on my team to draw on my background in recruitment to support their work, and offer appropriate training and guidance.

How did you get into the clinical world?
Like many others in this business I have a scientific background. I received my bachelor’s degree in biology and then moved into an academic position working in molecular biology. I always found the work interesting but felt that I had a different calling so when I was offered a role recruiting scientists 15 years ago, it felt like the right move. After working there for a while I moved into a role that was focused specifically on clinical recruitment. Here, I was a part of a collaborative recruitment team that grew quickly and experienced much success.  The company eventually became part of DOCS and since then I’ve continued to grow and progress with the business.

What attracted you to clinical work?
It’s great to be part of something that actively improves people’s lives, but what initially drew me in was the scientific aspect and the ability to work closely with people. My background in molecular biology meant, and still means, that I’m fascinated by the process of creating drugs, from a very central level. The journey from the concepts of molecular science into a drug that could make a difference is one that still interests me.

How has your career progressed with DOCS?
I began my career as a recruiter and from there was given the chance to move into a management position, leading a team of recruiters. After that I took on a Director role, where I was in charge of recruitment for the US and the number of people in my team grew. Shortly after this we were acquired by DOCS and the team grew again. Being part of this transition proved both challenging and rewarding, and has greatly benefited my development.

While merging into a large organisation is not always easy, this was offset by the benefits of being part of global CRO. For instance, I gained access to wold class leadership programmes which have provided me with invaluable information, training and contacts. There’s a top level down support network as well as collaboration with counterparts around the globe.

As a manager what kind of opportunities are you able to offer those in your team?
Now that we work across so many countries in North and South Americas  the Americas, my team has the opportunity to recruit for positions all  across the America’s. Also, my team has access to the multitude of learning resources, from training to qualifications, all of which are very helpful for progression.

The entire business culture is built around the idea of allowing people to grow and our team is no different. Ambitions are nurtured and encouraged and we very much believe in giving people the opportunities they want.

What are you future plans with the company?
I’m really looking forward to continuing to grow with the business. I’ve had the chance to learn about so many different cultures in the Americas and I’m excited by the global reach of the company and the potential for growth this brings. The opportunities are endless.