Why I choose to work with DOCS

I’ve always been passionate about the world of science. After studying molecular biology at university, I spent a few years working in a lab but, ultimately, realised my skills lay elsewhere. I then spent time working in BD selling laboratory supplies, chemicals and equipment in the pharmaceutical sector for 13 years. I knew I wanted to remain in a scientific area so when the opportunity to move into scientific recruitment arose, I took it. I was brought on board by a major international recruitment firm to launch their first scientific recruitment branch outside of the US. The chance to create what was essentially a start-up within the business was an invaluable experience for me and I was able to move around the world while building it up in the 12 years I worked there.
However, scientific recruitment is a very broad area – encapsulating any number of roles and skills – and I wanted to hone down my area of interest to clinical research. When I saw the opportunity to become involved with DOCS five years ago, I was instantly attracted to it. The business had been previously been acquired by ICON and this meant that at the heart of all the recruitment we did, there would be a fundamental scientific understanding and expertise. ICON is one of the top five CROs in the world and I wanted to work for a market leader with all the proficiency and knowledge this entailed. DOCS itself was appealing because it had grand plans: the goals and growth objectives it was setting were very ambitious. Finally, I was interested in the specific focus on clinical research as I see this as a very important industry with a real variety of roles, all moving towards a common set of objectives.

When I started with the business, it was in a state of change and since then, I’ve seen an incredible level of growth. The turnover has quadrupled and the number of countries we work in have changed from a small number in Europe to a real global presence. The culture has changed to reflect this: it’s become increasingly fast-paced, challenging but very satisfying to see the changes that have been made pay off.

I’m part of the global management team, which has created a consistently clear vision for where the business is going as we continue to build on our global reputation. We are now winning large deals that we wouldn’t even have been considered for in the past as we were just too small and our footprint insufficient. It is a reflection of how far the business has come in this short period of time and how being connected with ICON has really helped.

Since becoming a part of DOCS, I have been offered a number of opportunities. I was brought into the business initially to manage a few countries in Europe and have since progressed to European Director and am now Vice-President of EMEA. Part of what I love most about working here is the freedom I’ve been given to improve the business and drive it forward.

The energy and determination in the company are among the reasons it’s a fantastic time to join the DOCS business. It’s still very much growing and there are a number of global opportunities for the taking. Our relationship with ICON has created a centralised system which has a number of positive aspects, such as training and a strong internal structure. We move fast – hard work is recognised and rewarded which allows for huge personal growth and development.

Coming to DOCS was certainly the right move for me and I’m looking forward to building on what we’ve already achieved. You can learn more about the roles that we currently have available internally here.