As part of ICON, DOCS provides global clients with innovative technologies and information infrastructure. This support network far exceeds capacity demands, but also scales such that DOCS’ information technology infrastructure remains cost-competitive and agile.

DOCS’ infrastructure, available based on individual client needs, includes:

  • A global provisioning network that supplies equipment to DOCS’ global teams
  • 24/7 help desk support, including dedicated client-facing FSP support
  • Advanced ICON systems for rapid, quality drug development

ICONIK — Real-time clinical information

ICON’s real-time information platform that consolidates, standardises, and visualises operational and clinical data from multiple sources, providing a single holistic view of all study information in real-time form study start-up to database lock. ICONIK enables risk-based monitoring and much faster decision-making and quality checks throughout the life of a trial. Find out more about ICONIK.

MIRA — Medical imaging

The ICON Medical Imaging core tool for clinical imaging data, providing a controlled and audited team environment for managing imaging data, clinical data, image analysis, project management, and document management. The MIRA technology is core to many companies’ clinical data pipelines, including Roche, which in 2012 adopted the technology as its central repository for medical images. Find out more about MIRA.

Firecrest — Investigator training and support

An ICON-exclusive technology for training and supporting investigators, who must follow increasingly complex protocols with frequent amendments. Firecrest has been shown to reduce overall trial costs by 7–10%, cut protocol deviations by 30–40%, and boost patient recruitment by 10–12% by reducing problems with ineffective training and non-compliance. The Tufts CSDD reported in 2015 that protocol non-compliance has grown the fastest of all trial deficiencies during the past decade, accounting for 46% of all investigative site deficiencies. Find out more about Firecrest.

ADDPLAN — Adaptive clinical trials

The statistical software for the design, simulation, and analysis of adaptive clinical trials. The fully validated ADDPLAN platform supports the robust execution of innovative methods, such as the MCP-Mod approach recently qualified by the EMA for improved dose-finding trials. It also includes statistical packages refined through the ADDPLAN DF Consortium, which includes Roche, Pfizer, Novartis, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Eli Lilly, and ICON subsidiary Aptiv Solutions. Find out more about ADDPLAN.

The FDA, EMA, PMDA, and more than fifty top pharmaceutical and medical devices companies have purchased ADDPLAN licences to analyse trial data